The Sims 3: Hetalia Household Update #1

Just thought I’d do a fun “little” update on my sims.

In a previous post I briefly mentioned my household.  Since then I have added to The Bad Touch Trio household, with the addition of Italy, South Italy and Germany.  I have also adopted three puppies and a cat (Bier, Champagne, Churros and Gnocchi).  I have very little knowledge on the breeds but I can say I have a German Shepherd puppy.

As for each sim, here is a low down on their aspirations and personalities:

  • Prussia – the first Hetalia sim I created.  He fulfilled his aspirations as a superstar sportsman before I added the other members.  As he was my first he practically started from the ground up and is mostly the reason the other sims are able to live comfortably.  I think since the installation of some expansion packs the football games days are buggy.  I always followed this cycle: work out in gym, hang out with team mates and then prepare for game.  In Bridgeport he couldn’t stop winning, and by large margins, but since the move to Isla Paradiso he can’t win and his team is always getting outplayed.  However, since he’s fulfilled he footballing career I opted to get him a job in the law enforcement industry, which soon became medical because he was asked to switch.
  • Spain – Antonio is my favourite because he takes care of things when I ask him to (the other sometimes ignore my commands ==).  His aspiration is to have a big family and in all honesty I don’t think that will be fulfilled….I mean, 5 kids?  Really?  His career started in journalism, where he became top anchor but judging by his work  progress he wasn’t enjoying it.  Then I made a vegetable and fruit garden for him to take care of and he took his own initiative to take care of it but the time and effort it took to take care of the patches wasn’t worth it, in my opinion.  I installed Ambitions in an attempt to make farming his self-employment career but it took many sim hours/minutes…even with the help of Prussia and France.  As he had a career in journalism and had progressed through the necessary skills I thought I’d make him a freelance writer.  A blockbuster writer he became but the guy wanted contact with the outside so upon stumbling across a teaching job he took it, and quickly progressed to being the headteacher.
  • France – Francis is a chef and wants to be a heart breaker.  Of all aspirations to have!  He almost did fulfil that but I decided to move my sims to another town, for a different scene.
  • South Italy – Lovino aspired to be a Five Star Chef and that he has achieved.  Not much else to say besides the fact that he gets creeped out by darkness, yet he still stands outside in the dark… ==  Here is a funny photo of him with his work clothes (take notice of his hair flick):
  • Italy – Feliciano has already mastered the art of painting but to fulfil his aspirations he needs to master the guitar.  He too, like Lovino, is afraid of the dark and seems like a very jumpy person.  He also is a little agoraphobic, or maybe that’s Lovino, I forget which.
  • Germany – Ludwig basically wants to be the paragon of all sims and master the physical traits (athletic, martial arts…) he all keeps the house mostly tidy!  Thank goodness for that because the other sims can be a messy and never make their beds, which drives me crazy – just a little.

Since I started playing Sims 3 I’ve chosen Bridgeport as the home town because I didn’t have many expansion packs.  However, since the amazing sale at Origin I have bought Pets, Ambitions, Island Paradise and World Adventures.  Although city life is great, the opportunities get tedious, paparazzi1 extremely annoying (I now know they’re unavoidable and I could take away the sims celebrity status but they “worked” so hard to gain the stars I just couldn’t) and I needed a bigger plot of land to accommodate the 6 sims and 4 pets.  Here is a gallery of their house I built when all 6 lived in Bridgeport:

There was originally only the ground floor and basement but with having added three other sims I built up.  Aesthecally I wasn’t keen on the second floor but didn’t have room to built outwards so that’s when I moved them to Isla Paradiso.  When they moved I initially chose the plot, which had sloppy land and lead to the sea.  Whilst it was nice, building a house was a challenge and a difficult one for that matter.  For some reason my sims couldn’t get in and out of the beach house easily and were late for work because of it.  Although it didn’t really matter with Lovino much because he mostly fainted on his way to work!

This was the first house I built in Isla Paradiso:

There were a few do-overs on this particular plot.  I have since built a single-floor house with a bigger plot of land.

  1. I know you can get a gate but for some reason mine doesn’t stop them entering my property! []

Where is The Sims 3 Registration Code [ANSWERED]?

Instructions on completing installation for expansion packs (downloaded from Origin), which ask for a 20-long character registration code:

  • Firstly, ignore the instruction but don’t close the pop-up window about checking your email…it will not get you any further to completing the installation
  • Sign into Origin (if you already haven’t done so)
  • Go to My Games
  • Right click over the game you want the registration code for


  • Click View Game Details.
  • Voila, there is the registration key for The Sims expansion pack (I have blurred mine out)


Sims 3 and TeamLava Games

I was late to join The Sims 3 bandwagon.  I had played the first and second series but that was back in my college and school years and I was, somewhat, addicted to the games.  Since then those games have been given to charity.  However, last year (yes, I know the Sims 3 was released in 2009) Origin had a sale and I had watched some videos of Sims 3 and was enticed into getting it.  Honestly, I mostly bought series 3 because the furniture can be rotated at 45 degree angles – it was that lack of a feature I was yearning for since playing The Sims 1.  Sad but true.

Soon after creating my first character I realised how fun the game starts but soon get boring once you pretty much achieve the sim’s aspirations, and within a very short period of time for that matter.  After not touching the game since about March I decided to start a new game but this time add more characters.  Lo and behold, I have ‘The Bad Touch Trio’ household. Actually, it started off with just Gilbert Beilschmidt but it didn’t take long to reach his goal so my sister suggested adding France and Spain to the mix.  Yep, that city is pretty much going to be Hetalia-esque.  Needless to say the game has become more difficult and confusing at times.  Mostly because I’m not all that familiar with Hetalia so I’m getting my sims mixed up, and with all three having jobs and always going out it’s hard to keep up with them all.  It’s a lot more fun with more characters, needless to say.

From my sister’s reactions to my brief commentary on play the person who created the Hetalia sims has got Prussia, France and Spain pretty bang on – in the way they act and what they do.

The house I built (originally just for Prussia) was a reward for Gilbert when he reached superstar sportsman status and earned enough money.  I based the house – bungalow? – off a blueprint I found online and luckily it included two addition guest rooms, so it was as easy as just adding two new characters.

Now I really want to add a pet to the household but I’ll have to wait until another sale before I buy The Sims 3 Pets.  Please have a sale on soon Origin.

Apart from Sims I have been keeping up with my bakery, boutique and restaurant (free games on the Play Store and App Store).  To be honest, those games are repetitive and I said that once I reached level 99 and “completed” the games I’d stop but little did I realise that completing level 99 was going to take a long time – in Fashion Story I’m pretty much stuck on level 96. ==  There will come a day when I don’t have to worry about my food going off, or my clothes and accessories expiring (…?).  When that day will be I have no idea but one day.  One day.

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