Exciting Day and Times Ahead

I’m out and about more frequently nowadays.  Seems strange having a social life, being that I’ve spent most of my life being an introvert…still am but I do go out a little more.  I’m not partying it up but I’m seeing and speaking to new and familiar faces.

My internship is going well, I think, and I’m enjoying my time at the company a lot!  The job is all go, go, go but I love it, and get to look at beautiful jewellery on a daily basis and work within in great team.

The Friday before last I was told that I reached the finals of Zealous X – Design.  Excited and over the moon with the news.  I originally submitted two photos of pieces and a physical pieces but I’m going to see if I can one of the images turned into a physical piece of jewellery.  I’m also trying to get another pendant, which I was honoured with a Highly Commended, made but this one is a little more complex than I first anticipated.  However, this morning I think I’ve adjusted the piece in CAD to make it structurally sound.

Finally Making Something of My Life…

…and I’m loving it.

Last Wednesday I started my internship and I’m enjoying it a lot.  There is a variety of work to do and I’m not always in the same place.  The activness of the role is something I really enjoy.  It also doesn’t hurt that I get to look at beautiful jewellery everyday.

My colleagues and boss are extremely nice people too!  There’s not an apt emoticon to describe my emotions right now.


Deviating Paths

On Wednesday I am starting a three-month-long internship with one of my favourite jewellery designers. If my stage two interview/taster day was anything to go by then I am very excited!

I might, finally, be finding my way through life…!

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