Dear Game Shop

Dear Game Shop Assistant,

When I’m perusing the shop looking for puzzle/mystery games1, as is evident by the games I’m holding in my hand, please do not suggest Nintendog or Animal Farm to me.  Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

  1. Professor Layton, Last Window and Rooms for any interested. []

London Walk

There’s nothing like a good ole promenade when there’s good British weather – sunny, warm with gentle wind. That’s exactly what my sister and I did when our friend came to London for her first visit. We decided to do the London Walk but at our own pace (no tour guide and no map following). Apart from the day generally being great it was also good exercise – we walked around for several hours.

What better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast.  So off we headed to Frankie and Benny’s:

Now onto the realise exercise…I use that term loosely.  We left for Central London (eastern side) at arrive around noon.  Then after picking up a map from the information kiosk we started the walk…and heavily deviated from it so basically we just walked wherever.  Firstly, we walked past  green ‘Good Samaritan’ phone boxes.

DSC_0364Then off to whichever landmark or well-known architecture captured our eyes:

DSC_0366 DSC_0365

Here’s a water feature:

DSC_0368More pictures:

Here’s where I tried to imitate The Tower of Barad-dûr (Lord of the Rings, Sauron’s Mordor fortress).  The sun being the Eye of Sauron and the London Shard being the tower…


…needless to say I failed miserably as my vision didn’t translate through lens (admittedly I was taking photos with my mobile rather than my DSLR).



The rest of the day

The day finished off with a wonderful meal at Garfunkel’s.

Tablet Not Connecting Network When Not Broadcast [SOLVED]

One night I switched on my tablet1 – as I have a bakery, boutique and restaurant to take care of! – but it decided to not connect with my home network.  This had never happened before and it’s sudden downtime was confusing considering it wasn’t an ISP issue.  Strange thing was it connected fine when my network name was broadcast.

I tried the following by assumption and through suggestions on Bing:

  • Switched off router for ten minutes before turning back on
  • ‘Forget’ network then ‘Add’ it again
  • “Cold boot” my tablet
  • Checked to see my MAC address wasn’t blocked

Nothing.  I knew my internet was fine because my laptop and mobile were connecting just fine.  Then I thought maybe my tablet was getting old (it’s been playing up for a while but a little over 2 years isn’t that old.  Even in technology age.  Touch wood my transformer still has many years left.).  Turns out the resolution was simple but odd!

Solution: change keyboard*.

*For a keyboard I use Chinese Pinyin input and my network SSID has an apostrophe…so I’m guessing there was a glyph issue…

  1. Asus Tranformer TF101, Android, Ice Cream []

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