I Pity The Fool Who Stole My Medal

Haha, great use of a film line :P.  Which film is it from?  *ponders*

It is official, I have to re-make my medal.  You see, for our very first project this year we had to make a medal.  Mine was a violin one inspired by Elliot Minor (I promise you, I’m not obsessed, ha).  It took about 4 to 5 weeks to do what I could.  I didn’t finish it but that was okay because I could complete it after assessment, before it was entered into the BAMS competition.  That’s what I thought…

Unfortunately mine was stolen :(.  One of my classmates tried helping me find it but no look.  The tutors, cleaners were even on the look out – still no luck.  I went weeks thinking I wouldn’t have to bother with it.  Then…today I get told to make another one so I can enter something into the competition.  I think I only have a day to do it all (tomorrow).  *Sighs* Worst luck I’ve had.  The good thing is the teacher’s going to help me finish it and I can make this one even better :).  The difference would be instead of going straight onto metal, I’ll have to use wax *ah*.

I do have one question for the thief.  Why, why would you want to steal it?  It wasn’t made well, the polishing and finishing was rubbish, the soldering lines weren’t clean.  The overall medal was disgraceful.  Why would you want to steal that?  No one in their right mind would have stolen that medal in the condition it was left.  Not even me and I made it.  :P

What good has come from this?

  • I get to make this medal better;
  • This one gets to be cast in silver.  The other one is brass (I don’t have to pay for brass, thankfully);
  • Even the worst of my work must be pretty good *shrugs* :P;
  • This is the time to test myself under pressure, which will be good practise.

6 thoughts on “I Pity The Fool Who Stole My Medal

  1. That’s so unfair. I’d hate someone to steal my work…

    But at least you get to make it again, in silver and make it better. Can only help you win the competition, I guess.

  2. Lol @ I Pity The Fool. Mr T is awesome! And I hope your new medal is, too :3 It’s great how you’re able to see the positive side of having it stolen!

  3. Wow. I’m sorry about the medal. :( Well, consider this an opportunity to make something that will pwn the old medal you made. Make the person who stole your medal regret ever stealing it. And of course, keep a closer eye on the new one. ;) Good luck!

  4. Why on earth would you want to steal a medal…

    So were all looking out for someone with a medal on…

    I think we could find them…

    Then beat them to death with your own medal


    Justice is a best served with a medal to the head!

  5. Well, that’s not good! You’re new one will be amazing, I’m sure of that, but it’s still a shame your last one was stolen. (My new iPod stolen… and I can’t really make another one of those…)

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