Thank…you…Andrew! I “went to work”, okay I only work Wednesdays. Let me rephrase that, I made a visit to work earlier this morning asking my manager for advice on the medal. (turns out the teacher who was meant to help me doesn’t even work on Fridays. Thanks…)

The only other person who can advise me is my manager. He said the casting would take 10 days, time which I don’t have. I’ve been given reading week to complete my medal. He had a look at my drawing and said it’d be quicker to make it straight out of silver, I thought that. He’s offered to let me use his workshop during the week (except Wednesdays when it’s my work day). The silver has been taken care of but I’m going to try and pay him back.

This is the schedule:

Sunday – Get ideas for the Adventurous Moissanite competition. I’ll also be working on those after workshop hours. Get my templates for the medal sorted.

Monday – Work out the metal thickness. Scribe templates onto silver, saw out the silver and file edges nice and flush.

Tuesday – Get the layers soldered together, probably not the base though as that will be engraved later.

Wednesday – Go to work like always.

Thursday – Get the base of the medal engraved. Thank you to the guy who’s going to do that (sorry, I can’t remember his name – he just got mentioned this morning).

Friday – File and get the medal looking nice and polished. Possibly get some texture but if I can’t then I’ll quickly get it done at university, where I can buy a texturing wheel.

Saturday – If I get the renderings for my design done then I’ll pick one for the rendering project which is due in on the 29th February.


Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement.

<edit @ 4/02>Just remembered I also have to get a jewellery design rendered and make more designs for my saucer.</edit>

4 thoughts on “Yippee

  1. Wow, you’re going to be pretty busy then aren’t you.

    I was trying to read your day to day discription whilst my Mum was playing the ”storyline of four series’ of lost in 8minutes” she’d taped of E4. Very mind boggling… lots of fast talking and reading… hurt my head!!

    I can’t wait til you post up some photos of all your creative works!! I’d love to see what you’re making!

  2. @Kristina – Thank you :).

    @Carly – Aw, bless you. I’ll take pictures of the development :). Today might be the layers.

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