New Layout Conundrum

I think it’s about time I made myself a layout but I’m not sure how I want it to look.  I know I’ve got other things going on, with university, work, competitions and my other site and all but heck I need something to occupy me if I’ve got nothing else to do.  Busy it good :D.  That’s besides the point anyway.  I’ve searched the ‘net but nothing seems to shine a light bulb.  How do you go about producing a layout?

3 thoughts on “New Layout Conundrum

  1. First I search through some colour scheme galleries for inspiration. Then I design the header. Thn I colour everything.

    It takes a while and I’m not very good at it yet, but it’s what I do for now.

    Good luck with the layout!

  2. Erm… I tear my hair out in frustration, create at least 3 examples, code them 90% and then chuck them away and start all over again. I guess that’s the major reason, I keep a layout up for quite a long time.

    Inspiration, I just browse around and look for ideas. Or I’d see an image which I like, and then an idea about incorporating it into a layout comes to mind…

  3. I always feel like making a new layout, especially when I have a lot of other busying things going on. It is frustrating, and even though I try to find inspiration online, it ends up coming from inside :P

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