Photography Is Fun

Warning! This post will contain a few pictures, so, heads up dial-up users ;).

It’s fun! Using the big cameras (yes, I know, I have the terminology down! :D) are a lot of fun, although at first glance they look daunting and heavy. The pictures I took from them were bad so I opted for my digital point and click camera. Now, what would a post like this be without pictures? Here’s a few out of the hundreds I took of my makings :).

The first photo (below) is one I took with the SLR camera. The problem with SLR cameras are that they pick up every single, intricate detail – even dust or bad polishing/cleaning. We’ll pretend everything’s perfect though ;).

Brooch for Fine Jewellery project.

That seems to be the only decent one I took from the SLR so now I’ll swiftly move on with pictures taken from my digital camera. By the way, I will eventually get the stones set. I just need some contacts first :D. Anyway…

Hair slide for 1st year final project.

The picture above is of my hair slide, which I made for my final project. It’s made of real silver :). The stone in the centre of the flower is a green aventurine cabochon.

Keyring for Engraving project.

The picture above shows my not so impressive engraving skills – it’s a key fob. I’m just glad we didn’t have to engrave in silver, although, I’m going to be cheeky and silver-plate the copper :P.

Brooch for Geometric Forms project.

The silvery goodness above is the other thing I made for my 1st year final project. Again, it’s a brooch – my third overall. I guess you know what inspired my design ;P.

Huh, just realised that if you look carefully you can see my blurred hands and the top I’m wearing, hah. :D

13 thoughts on “Photography Is Fun

  1. I think your engraving skills ARE impressive – I wish I had a steady hand and an eye for detail like that. The most creative thing I’ve ever done with metal was a dog tag for our Labrador when I was 11. It wasn’t that great ;)

  2. That’s wicked work! I would wear that hair slide – if I didn’t have a pixie crop that is! Are you going to sell your work? You could easily sell this stuff for 300% of its original value.

  3. @Jem – Oh no, my engraving looked awful until the lecturer improved on it :D. The dog tag must have looked cute ^^.

    @Lil – I might sell my work. Not yet though because I’ll need them for the final exhibition.

    @Lucy – SLR cameras are great to use but I’m still getting to grips with them. One day I’ll conquer to the use of them. :D

  4. Those are just lovely! I do really like those!

    I’m finally buying my new camera soon and my mum (who also uses ‘big’ cameras) is going to take me out on sunday and show me what to do with it!

    She’s very good at photography. In fact she’s getting a 10mpx camera this week too so that she can sell quality stock, as I think her’s is only about 8mpx.

    She took some lovely pictures of tulips – which are my favorite flowers and I’m going to convince her to me use them for a site theme! :-)

    Anyhoo, I’m rambling…! You’re very talented with the old jewelry making malarchy. I am very jealous!

  5. Hehehe, trigger-happy, aren’t you? :P

    Anyway, the proper term for a big camera is ‘SLR’ (Or Single Lens Reflex camera). I love photography as well, although I seem to have taken a brief hiatus from it recently due to the lack of time. :(

  6. Awww thank you :-)

    I’m going to add ‘dofollow’ to my blog soon, so expect some pagerank juice!

    I’ve got to add so much to my site but I don’t have time, can’t wait to get it done though.

    Thanks for the comment :)

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