Ahh…finally. I know it’s been a while (understatement much?) but I won’t go into details because my reasons behind the inactivity is nothing interesting. Let’s face it, nobody wants excuses. :D

Ah yes, I have finally made my first layout. All I can said about that is…yippee…it’s about time. Although, I was a bit worried about it because of all the PHP malarkey but with help from Han’s tutorial and WordPress’s codex I managed to suss it out. If you come across any problems let me know and give me time to fix the problem, knowing me I’ll create a whole new one :P. Also, do tell me if something’s bothering your viewing of the site (e.g. colours, text…). Oh, and…erm…you don’t need to tell me about the links on the top, I know they don’t work (just remembered that I deleted them XD). I’ll get around to actually making content, hah.

4 thoughts on “Layout

  1. Wow – Lovely theme!

    I like the little paperclip icons by the comments the best… I have little people with hearts next to mine!

    I’ve finally got round to putting mine up today!

    Wow – I’m going to go round and look at all the other pages!

  2. Hey i like the layout its nice and bright but no too bright.

    Its very cool and easy on the eyes.

    Nice and simple!



    Annie: Thank you. :)

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