Not Me, Please?

My tutor told the whole workshop, today, that there will be people coming on Monday to do a documentary on the final year students. Apparently a couple of students from each course will be chosen. I really hope it’s not me…I fear cameras. (For the record, no I’m not literally scared of cameras nor have dreamt of huge cameras chasing after me, hah). :P

I’ve already avoided being by the ITV cameras (last Tuesday). As soon as I saw the camera crew…I “flew” the other way “going to buy solder”. Then, on a separate occasion I managed to avoid a photographer guy. I went down to the basement, buying solder to pass the time… I got the solder for free, which did the opposite so I had no choice but to return to the workshop. He (photographer guy) was still in the room but on the opposite side…phew!

Camera shy much? I know I’m not the only one, anyone else got any ideas on how to avoid being shot (hah) because I can’t keep “buying solder”? :P

3 thoughts on “Not Me, Please?

  1. Couldn’t you just tell then you don’t wish to participate? I’m sure they wouldn’t force you to be interviewed if you didn’t want to, surely there’ll be other students who would love to be in the film.

    Annie: That’s the problem though, no one in the class will go willingly. It’s times like these where I have to just suck it up and just get on with it.

  2. Oh I am so with you, I will do anything to avoid being on camera…I didn’t even go to school on school photo days haha.

    Try this one:
    Person with camera: Hello, would you like to be interviewed
    You: *cough splutter cough*
    Person with camera: for a documentary on
    You: *hack hack cough*
    Person with camera: ITV?
    You *wipes nose on sleeve* Dokay, I have a bit of a colnd though *splutter*

    They’ll be the one running in the other direction.

    Annie: Ha ha. Why didn’t I think of the sickie card? I think I can pull a sickie off. Thanks :P.

  3. Aww thank you – I thought it looked VERY cluttered before… nice to know it didn’t.

    Yeah, I took the orange thing out of the header, and will add the ‘sharethis’ plugin to my posts and pages, instead of those big ‘addthis’ buttons – ya know for social bookmarking.

    RE: your post… I love posing and prancing around in front of cameras – but interviews oooh no… I hate thinking.. and speaking, well. I’d be running off too to buy solder!!

    Annie: Your layout looks funky with whichever header you use and the plugin sounds a good idea. :)


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