Fine Jewellery Brooch Update

Woo, my brooch is currently in queue for being set. :) I have pictures of the stones but the photos are bad quality so I haven’t put pictures up.

This post has won an Annie Award for being the most pointless. :P

[edit @23:03] Oh and many thanks goes to Bali for supplying the stones. Now, if only I remembered the names of the gemstones. Let’s see…

  • Pink sapphire
  • Green emerald
  • Tourmaline (greens and orange/yellows)

Gah, I can’t remember the others – that’ll bug me until no end. I’ll go find them out, my manager will know. :)

Thanks should also go out to Alan, who is going to set my stone despite have tons of other repairs to do. A final special thank you goes to my manager, Andrew for sponsoring the stones (if it weren’t for him the brooch would still be bare, heh). Thank you all very much! :)

Okay, this is beginning to sound like an award speech. Annie out. [/edit]

4 thoughts on “Fine Jewellery Brooch Update

  1. I love saphires and emeralds and rubies and gems! Damnit I want a pretty broach too!!

    Annie: I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw the gemstones Bali had. Absolutely beautiful stones. :D

  2. That sounds like a pretty brooch! :)

    Annie: My brooch looks beautiful with the stones. I’ll be sure to put a photo up when it’s been set. :)

  3. I’d love to view pictures of your creation too, especially with all those colourful gemstones. (: (S’okay, I have trouble naming the various stones as well! Heh.)

    I used to make earrings a couple of years ago but eventually lost the interest.

    Annie: Ooo, that’s nice. Do you have any pictures of them? :)

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