As you would expect there has been a lot of reflection from people about 2008.  So, since I’m an original person I’m going to follow suit.  :P

Although I still have yet to cross off anything on my list I’m still happy with how things have turned out.  2008 in bullets:

  • Completed my first uni. course with better grades than I anticipated.  That was a squee-ing moment for me.
  • Shockingly won awards.  One of which led to getting published on a tiny column.  Another squee-ing moment.
  • Won a bet, against a Liverpool supporter.  I am a proud owner of a jewellery cleaning cloth now, ha.  Okay maybe not, as I gave it to my sister.
  • Watched my home town almost get promoted, only just after one season in the Conference North.  This season, I believe they can go one further and reach the Blue Square Premier.  To quickly finish off the football talk I also saw United become English champions, European champions and World champions.  Whoop.
  • Continued onto the higher level from my previous course.  I’m glad I continued, otherwise who knows, I might have been one of those bums who didn’t do much and fed off their parents money.  (I did not intend for that to be a dig at anyone.)
  • Worked 7 days a week during my summer holiday and survived, just about.
  • Have broadened my music taste.  That’s an achievement itself according to my siblings.
  • Watched films without falling asleep mid-way, although I came close to breaking that “run” during Quarantine.

That’s probably it.  Oh, and I’ve also kept this site running.  Hmm…maybe I should have name this post “2008”…

Anyway, here’s to hoping that 2009 bring prosperity to everyone.  Here’s also hoping that our lecture notes never fall short of a year.  :P

3 thoughts on “2009

  1. Hehe, so I presume 2008 gave you quite a fair amount of squee-ing moments! Happy 2009 to you, and may many more squee-ing moments come your way this year too! (:

  2. Well, I’m glad your 2008 was filled with some great moments like that. Here’s hoping your 2009 is filled with several more squee-ing moments. :)

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