My First Gig

If you can call it a gig.

On Sunday my sister and I were preparing a trip to the Artsfest, and to do a spot of shopping.  We intended to leave at 1pm to catch the 1:15 train but someone couldn’t make up their mind as to what jacket to wear. We opted to skip that train and waited to leave for the next one (2:20pm).  It’s times like these where I feel I should have been born a guy. :P

We went to the train station but was told we’d have to take the bus to the Wolverhampton station, as no trains were available to directly take us to Birmingham.

Arrived an hour later, and went to see what clothes there were but the fashion is all lacy, flowery and the like.  Why do most women tops have some degree of transparency to them?  The shopping side of things was a little disappointing but that’s mainly due to the fact that we had to power our way through the shops; not a lot of time to browser.

There was still time to kill and we felt peckish so we ate at Wagamama’s. :9  The food was delicious, although it felt strange having an ice lolly for dessert, hah.  Never a big fan of strawberries, I think it’s the texture.  I had always thought they were too sweet for my liking – guess not.

You’d think that having been in and out of the city for 3+ years1 I’d know where places were but evidently not.  I couldn’t navigate my way round a paper bag if the Centre was anything to go by. :P  Took a few, back and forth, round and round, tourist-sign-looking to get remotely close to where the Kerrang Fest was meant to be.  Eventually I remembered Googling “Centenary Square2” and finding a picture of Symphany Hall.  Wah-lah…that’s how we found Centenary Square. :P  Good alternative to a TomTom for pedestrians?  No?  Okay.

We meandered our way through people to find a standing spot, away from the stage (read: mosh jumping pit – a kid came out with a black eye. :S).  Situations like these make it hard being a short person. :P  Then, two presenters came on stage.  “Singing Henry” lost sound on his microphone – I was actually hoping he’d sing some travel just for a laugh but sadly that did not happen. Not long after Saving Aimee were introduced.  Couldn’t hear much of what was being sung but I suppose that’s not the entire point of these kinds of gigs.  Their performance was energetic, especially the keyboardist.  There was one funny incident where the lead singer hopped onto the barrier with a guard holding him by his trouser belt ring3.  The crowd pulled the lead singer, resulting in two other guards having to take grip of the singer.  Eventually the singer lost his microphone so the keyboardist’s mic. was borrowed.  Two guys ran away from the within the crowd inconspicuously.  I know, subtle right? :P  As they were running people stared, I could hear, “Well, they’ve taken the microphone”.  Come on people, if you’re going to steal something don’t run hunched. :P  Not that I condone stealing by the way.

After roughly 6 songs there was a stage change and sound checking.  Elliot Minor came on after.  The bass at the start seemed to have problems but nothing major happened.  Some unfortunate woman was shown on the big screen clearing her nose, to put it nicely.  Nevertheless she smiled and waved at the camera after the initial shock.  Mind, she was at the back so probably wasn’t expecting to get shot.  They were good, and had people screaming for them and singing along.  Bottles were thrown towards the stage but not sure if there was intent of malice or some strange initiation for new performers of the Kerrang Fest.  The second main singer threw one back at the crowd, playing along I suppose. :P

The evening was a bit nippy and I wore short sleeves so after the gig I changed into a hoodie I bought.  Thing was I got changed near a church.  I say changed but really only took of my three quarter length jacket and put on the hoodie. Hah.

We stopped at the nearest MacDonald’s for some hot drinks, then realised the time.  Had 5 minutes before the 8:40 train. :S  I thought we had arrived smack on time but the timetable said 8:48. :/  Making me run anxiously with a drink is never safe nor good an idea. :P

There’s a bit more but I think I’ve rambled on enough, heh. :P

That is another thing I can cross off my things to do list.  All in all I can give it a thumb up.  Loud music is not my things though so I think my gig/concert attendance will be far and few.

  1. University. []
  2. where we were meant to be []
  3. The bit where you slip your belt through.  Is there a term for that? []