If you’ve been bored enough to read my 100 Things – or rather 221 – then you’ll know that one of the points was to help change life/lives of people who aren’t as fortunate, with aid of man power rather then money.

My friend and I saw a notice in the canteen about Platform2; which essentially is scheme for volunteers to travel and make a difference in less developed countries.  On a whim we opted to take part and even got the forms ready.  Months later my friend is going ahead with plans, however I’m thinking otherwise.

Late a night I’d be thinking about the humbling experience and how great it would be to physically help out…until the what-ifs started popping into my head.  Would I appreciate the opportunity if I did get accepted, or would I sit and moan?  What are the people like?  Where do you find the line in reality between adverts and TV programmes such as Comic relief?  The former unveiling a more melancholic situation and the latter displaying high spirits.

It does come down to selflessness and how much you’re willing to sacrifice.

I decided not to enter because:

  1. It was an impulse decision and impulse should not be the deciding factor for these kind of experiences.
  2. The help requires 10 weeks of your time.  I wouldn’t be able to fully commit myself as I am wanting to do the top-up degree and my summer holiday isn’t that long.
  3. I need to use that time to work and earn money to pay for the tuition fees and materials…etc…etc.

So, yes, it’s a little bit selfish but at a different time I will heavily consider.

My question is would you consider taking part is something like Platform2, or have participated in something similar?  If so, please share your experience. :)

  1. See bullet point 8. []

3 thoughts on “Platform2

  1. I think something like that would be a great experience, and I admire people who do it a lot, but it just doesn’t quite fit my ~life plan~. There’s always school/financial constraints…

  2. I’m like you. Financial/school responsibilities always hold me back. Even though theoretically I could do it and still be fine, it’s just not the wisest personal choice. (I.e. I take the selfish road that benefits me more.) There are other ways to help though. Try looking more locally, you know?

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