Mother Tongue Revisited

I will be roughly 4 weeks until I head to Hong Kong for a month. A month! I have never stayed for that long and I’m excited, .it will be a new experience for me. I think the longest I have stayed for is just over two weeks, and in that time space it feels as though my family and I are rushing around, pressed for time: visiting friends and family, getting over jet lag, cleaning the flat – we only go back once every three years – and prayer to ancestors.

Hopefully before the day my Cantonese will have improved vastly. :P If only Hakka wasn’t a dying language…

Off topic: but I have a Cantonese app and I wonder why 60% of the categories are to do with flirting. Not that I’m the master of picking men up but I’m sure the provided pick-up lines won’t be taken the way the app creator intended, heh. Admittedly though, they are pretty funny…just as long as you read the Chinese because the English translation is off.

Anyway, back on subject. I’m excited at the prospect of going to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Manufacturers’ Show. It will be my first time so hopefully my Chinese won’t get laughed at too much and I’ll leave with useful contacts. The only thing I won’t be looking forward to is the journey. I still haven’t “grown out of” travel sickness.

Does anyway have any suggestions of where I could go or what?could do? I know technically I’m the Hong Kong citizen but I only ever visit Sha Tin, Tai Po and TTS (I think that’s the acronym).