High Quality, My Foot

A couple of days ago I found, or at least thought I had, a legit boxset of Boys Over Flowers. With excitement I headed over to the cashier, whom then offered me a better quality version. At first sight the DVD box looked like a special edition one, all glitzy and shiny, and the price was a bargain compared to those that I had found online. The only thing that made me question it was the actual case, it didn’t resemble any of the ones I had found online. Nevertheless the price was great so I though I might as well.

When I got back to my aunt’s appartment to test it out I took a closer look at the glamourous box. Upon inspection, I realised that the cover is missing one of the main actors’ name. That gave me the first clue that this was not a legit copy. The second clue was the actual DVDs. There were four in total but placed in plastic sleeves, two in each sleeve – not to mention all discs were scratched. No wonder it was cheap…but…I wasn’t going to complain so long as the viewing was of high quality.

After inserting the first disc a wave of green pixels flashed across the menu screen. That, and the menu buttons didn’t match those that I had seen screenshots of. Also, the picture was not as high quality as was told to me (yes, I found it odd that a seller would use that as a selling point). After doing some research online I had deduced that the version I had bought was the Hong Kong version, AKA poor man’s recording.

I attempted to return it and get my money back but the seller refused and tested the DVD out, viewing it on what I guess is a 7″ screen, compared to my sisters 15.5″ laptop. She didn’t see anything wrong, of course she wouldn’t with that poxy size screen, anything would look HQ on that… It was pointed out that even on her small screen the quality looked low. After refusing to believe that, the pixilation issue was brought up. She tried to pass them off as part of the starry effect. What the – The excuse of the “green glitch screen” was that it blinked when the viewer was spending too long on the menu screen. Then she insisted that it was a clip before the menu. Amazing. In the end, I didn’t get a refund (she wouldn’t give one with a receipt!) so…either I take that DVD, take a different copy or choose something else. I chose a live tour DVD of Jay Chou, an artist of whom my sister enjoys and is known to have corrupted all things of technology within the house… Hmph.

The moral is: don’t by DVDs from Hong Kong shops, which are piled with assorted CDs, DVDs and the like that aren’t presented in an orderly fashion.