The Good, The Bad And The Forgettable

An ego pampering moment whilst I reflect on the year.  Please bear with me.

The Good

  • Winning an award for my pendant.
  • The work experience at Charles Green. :)
  • Getting to go to Germany for Inhorgenta with my friend and getting one final chance to go to our favourite takeaway in Passing – the food is so good1).
  • Completing the final year of university and having a degree.  I felt that I wasn’t going to achieve a good final mark but I’m extremely happy that all the hard work and travelling expenses paid off. :)
  • Getting a few chances to work on commissions, which I love.  Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than turning a collation of thoughts and ideas, of the ideal jewellery piece, into an adornment they can actually wear, or give to their loved ones.
  • Completing my website/shop2.  Thanks to my host’s help I finally have an EPOS to actually sell my jewellery.  Now, all I need to jewellery to sell… :P
  • Getting to go back to Hong Kong and staying for more than two weeks. :D

The Bad

  • Nothing worth mentioning here.

The Forgettable

  • Tonsillitis.  In particular getting is so close to my trip for Germany, where is was too cold.
  • It was also kind of the reason I missed the awards ceremony.  Not good at all.
  • My final exhibition.  My pieces weren’t bad, they just weren’t finished trying to get them perfect was not going to happen.  However, it tough me one valuable lesson: to keep the precesses less and simple!
  • Eh…some of the football results… :P

Oh how rude of me… Happy New Year everyone!  If I drank I’d virtually clink glasses with you but since I don’t I’ll give two very Asian “victory” signs. :P

  1. That is good pronounced with elongated o’s. ; []
  2. Designed and imperfectly coded by me. []