Childhood Memories

Recently I have come across things, which have reminded me about things I use to do, play and watch as a kid.  Something I didn’t really watch was cartoons, if I watched anything it would be things like Saved by the Bell, Sister Sister and the like.  However, there was a game show I enjoyed watching and that was The Crystal Maze, which I recently came across, whilst flicking through TV channels:

I was reading an article or blog, can’t remember which and Neopets was mentioned.  Wow.  I completely forgot about that.  It was an online game I used to play religiously after school.  I don’t remember the names of either Neopets, although thinking about it one might have included sapphire, but I’m pretty sure they were both Acaras…  Aah, the Soup Kitchen:


Anyway, moving on.  Today a video from my YouTube subscription appeared and it was titled “improvisation no104 – The Sims”.  The Neopet was phase I went through for about 2 years (maybe less) but The Sims was something I played through school and college.  Mortimer, anyone?