Asus Transformer (TF101) won’t Charge (SOLVED)

Several days ago I was in the workshop charging my tablet, which worked fine. Then, I went to play a little bit of piano (sheets were on the tablet) transferred the charging to the dinning room. After half an hour I noticed the charging indicator wasn’t showing. The tablet was not charging at all and I could understand why so I tried:

  1. Gently pushing the USB cable ends – nothing
  2. A different extension multi-socket – nothing;
  3. A wall socket – nothing;
  4. The workshop socket – nothing
  5. Charging via laptop USB – probably charging but no indication and would take an age

After sifting through the internet for solutions I found none.  I knew it wasn’t a problem with the USB because the tablet was being recognised by my laptop, so I thought there was a problem with the “brick”.  That could be the only reason so I look online for the price of a new charger but didn’t purchase straight away.  I proceeded to examine the brick (I wouldn’t have attempted to do anything drastic) and noticed that the shame didn’t seem odd.  Reverted the image of the charger and noticed the pronged part of plug was detachable.  Looked at my plug and noticed the shape wasn’t quite right.


Push the pronged detachment to click into place on the brick.  Note to self: the alignment of the whole plug should be straight.  To think I almost asininely bought another charger.