Can’t Sign-in to Skype with Microsoft Account (SOLVED)

I’ve been trying to use Skype (ver. with my hotmail account but get the following message: “Sorry, we didn’t recognize your sign-in details.  Please check your Skype Name and Password, then try again.”  I tried all that was suggest on the Skype forums, including*:

*Points hightlights this colour mean it didn’t necessarily work me but was a success for others.

  • Checking Skype for updates
  • Login with a different computer (it runs with XP.  This worked but I would rather be able to access Skype from my own computer)
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling Skype
  • Temporarily disabling my anti-virus/firewall
  • Adding Skype into my security software’s exclusion (McAfee, Eset, Malwarebytes, etc) list 
  • Used Skype on Safe Mode (worked but not the solution I was looking for)
  • Deleting shared.xml and shared.lck:
    • Press Window key + R > %appdata%\skype > delete ‘shared.lck’ and ‘shared.xml’
  • Unlinking my hotmail from my online Skype account and merging the two with a tablet/mobile
  • “Rolled back” to a previous install
  • Login with a fellow Windows 7 users laptop (Login success).  Said user explained that the keyboard is the issue.
  • Changing the connection options on Skype:
    • Open Skype > Tools > Connection options… > Use port: 1024 > keep ‘Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives […]” checked > on the drop down box select ‘HTTPS’ > Host: Port:8080 > Save
  • Installing Windows Live Essentials, then from your Microsoft account add your computer to the “Trust PC”.  I’m a bit iffy about installing another program just to get the one I want to work. (Doing this has solved some people’s Skype login problems though.)


Apparently the keyboard layouts.  Whilst my keyboard layout is UK, the other two are American layouts.  I can’t see or fathom why the issue would be keyboard related…?

Temporary Solutions:

By the way, I did try setting my keyboard to the American layout but was still unable to sign-in.  The three temporary options are:

  1. Use a computer with an American keyboard layout
  2. Until this issue gets sorted out communication by other available means
  3. Sign into Skype (Microsoft account email and password) with tablet or mobile devices.  It works there for some reason

I have not found the right fix for me but if I do I will update this post.

[Edit 30.01.13]

  • Upgraded to version but still no luck logging in with Microsoft account.
  • Checked whether there was any software conflicting with Skype – no joy.

[Edit 31.01.13]

  • Updated to version – still the same problem
  • Compared Eset settings between my computer and my sisters – resolved!  Woo.


This is my spec:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Skype:
  • Security software: Eset NOD32

How I fixed it:

  1. Opened Eset Smart Security
  2. Press F5
  3. Enter password
  4. Click + for “Web and email”
  5. Click + for “Protocol filtering”
  6. Select “SSL”
  7. Select “Do not scan SSL protocol”
  8. Click OK
  9. If you get an error box just click “Cancel”

You should now be able to sign-in to Skype with your Microsoft Account. :)