I Like to Talk Nonsense

This post is going to be a little nonsensical; I’m going to waffle on about something, which may come across as cryptic but it’s not. I just don’t want to “jinx” or psych myself out.

I got some great news, which unfortunately clashes with some bad news but the great news it better because it could mean changing my life for the better. I also like to think of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The great news, which could turn into amazing news in the next coming week, came this morning. I feel a sense of panic, some of it nerves, some of it excitement but mostly anxious because I want it that badly.

Thing is the bad news came just a few days ago but I can’t let the bad news be a repercussion for the good news. I’ll never forget some wise words I was given during the end of university: “If you wait, you won’t move forwards.” Those words have stuck with me and helped me get the good news, otherwise I’d be stuck in a little rut.

I’ve already mostly prepared for this amazing opportunity but preparation doesn’t always translate on the day it matters.

I just hope the good news becomes amazing news and that I show confidence, and more importantly MY SENSE OF DIRECTION DOESN’T LET ME DOWN. ==;

I feel I’m at the right stage in my life to move forward in life and hope I do myself justice.