First World Problems: Technology

I have recently been experience small problems with my beloved technology:

  1. My laptop fan was loud and the heat coming from it was, in my opinion, too hot.  Although my laptop is quite a big piece of equipment it shouldn’t have become that hot and so quickly.
  2. My tablet isn’t  as responsive – typing-wise – as it used to be and YouTube keeps giving me the “Unsupported video format”.  By the way, it’s a TF101 so is stuck on IC and I’m still debating on whether to root my device but I’m a little worried on how it will affect some of my online and offline  games.  That, and I might brick it…
  3. Since updating my mobile to Jelly Bean my battery drains faster (used to last a few days but now only lasts a couple) and the lag when typing is a little infuriating.

Fortunately I have fixed problem #1.  However, I realised that cleaning the fan with a manual  air-ball-point-squirty-thing doesn’t do the job.  I bought a can of compressed air (much cheaper at Sainsbury’s) and it did the trick.  Now my laptop sounds less like a HGV and more like it’s former brand-new-self.

As for my tablet I don’t think there’s not much I can do about that and those issues aren’t major ones, so I can live with it…until the tablet decided to give up life. :P

I’m hoping that an update in the near future will resolve this but I’m still researching on alternative ways to prolong battery life.  It is odd though considering pre-JB I had a default animated theme but changed it for a still background after I upgraded to JB.