Can’t Delete Folder on Windows 7 (SOLVED)

I recently tried deleting a folder but with no success.    The contents in the folder where deletable however the folder refused to go (couldn’t delete, or drag and drop into the recycling bin).  Each time the error message “Could not find this item: […]”.


  • Open “cmd”
  • Type: rd /s”\\?\C:\[rest of path name, which leads to folder-to-be-deleted here]”
  • Then type: y
  • Enter

The above command cannot be copy and pasted into cmd so here’s an example.  Say I want to delete a folder called “Recipes”, which can be found in My Documents.  I would type the following into cmd (you have to start from the root):

rd /s “\\?\C:\Users\Annie\My Documents\Recipes”

Then it will ask you if you want to go ahead with the command: y/n


Press the Enter key and you’re done.