September Favourites

Or better titled ‘Year or So Favourites’.  I don’t really change products much but let’s start:


Soap And Glory A Brush With Greatness Cleansing & Massage Brush


I was tempted to buy the Muji brush because of the soft bristles but decided against it because it is made out of wood (quicker bacteria build-up and all that).  Luckily I didn’t buy it because I later found the Soap and Glory face brush, which was ever so slightly cheaper and has a, I think, longer lasting handle.  It is not as soft but this brush really helps to exfoliate (white bristles) and massage (pink bristles) my face.  I’ve noticed a huge difference – in the morning my skin doesn’t feel like sand paper.


Simple is a brand I turn to for skin care because I have insanely sensitive skin, which means I have to be very particular with the product I put on my face otherwise it feels like I’m burning.  Since Simple if for sensitive skin I give the brand two thumbs up. :)


A belt I bought from TK Maxx for only £3!  Chuffed to bits as I was in desperate need of a new belt and didn’t want to have to fork out too much money.


Flat Peaches

Flat peaches are my favourite fruit at the moment.  Unfortunately they’re not cheap so I alternatively go for plums. :9


I only found out about Josh Groban earlier this year1 but love his voice and songs.  I think this says more about how not up-to-date I am with music…I don’t really pay attention to new music.


Apart from the TV series and programmes I follow (CSI, MOTD, Supernatural, cooking shows.) I don’t watch a lot of TV but I recently decided to finish watch the Korean Drama “City Hunter”, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, after I deserted it after the first episode.  Loved the anime series, hate (sorry that’s too strong a word, I mean “really don’t like”) the live action adaptation and not really into manga.  I thought the storyline of the k-drama was going to deviate from the original too much and the lack of humour would lose my attention.  There are a few aspects of the k-drama, which are consistent with the anime but the producers have mostly taken their own spin.  Having finished the series I actually love it.  Each episode kept me interested and the storyline wasn’t predictable and I’ll admit, it’s the only thing I’ve watch that has brought tears to my eyes.  However, I think the ending (don’t worry I won’t spoil it) should have been left without the last couple of minutes, which was a little confusing until I read the producers verification on it.

  1. Yes, I know.  Where have I been? []