“Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server” (SOLVED)

I recently added more security to my Google Mail, this meant that all devices/email clients the emails were linked to had to be modified to accommodate the  security.  No problems occurred with the email clients and my Android devices accepted my primary address with no problem.  However, an issue arose with my second account.  I followed the verifications steps but was always met with this error:

“Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server.

“This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.”

I did not fancy calling Customer Care so turned to people of the internet but nothing worked, nor did I want to factory reset my devices.  For a few days I was scratching my head wondering why.  The advices given were:

  • Factory reset (Note: I didn’t try this but it didn’t work for others who did)
  • Log into Youtube, then try GMail again (Note: I had sync problems)
  • Make sure the time and date on device were correct (Note: Date and time were correct from the start of this process)
  • Taking out sim card, then reinsert (Note: My tablet doesn’t have a SIM card slot, with that said it didn’t work for my phone)


Attach your device to your computer via USB, check the email on GMail and follow the steps.

Hopefully you’ve killed two birds with one stone; fixed your email account as well as being able to sign-in to YouTube without problems. :)