Too Many Digital Pianos to Choose From

What’s this?  Posting for the third time in consecutive days?  Practically unheard of here. :P

Digital Piano Keys

Anyway, onto the subject.  I’m saving up and have been looking into digital pianos. It won’t perform exactly like an upright but it near enough to replicating the sound and touch.  Also, getting a digital will be more cost-effective – no servicing and whatnot.

The problem is there is an overwhelming amount to choose from and I don’t – rather didn’t – know where to start.  After doing some research and reading reviews I found a extremely helpful guide by Graham Howard – 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Digital Piano (sign up to attain the PDF file, free of charge).  Whilst there is a lot of information to take in (70-odd pages), the guide was very helpful and gave me a good criteria of what I’m looking for in a digital piano.

At the moment I’m leaning towards a mid-range Yamaha YDP162 but I’m going to take my time, so I’m going to see if there’s any other model other there with an improved touch, dynamic and sound, without costing more. :)