Tesco Broadband: A Month On

This is gong to be just a short (read: long) type up of my experience with Tesco Broadband so far.  It is the first time I have been with them for internet/phone line and since I’m on a budget – that and I’ve had a great experience and no problems when I joined their mobile network and car insurance – I thought I’d give them a try.  I should mention that I signed up for the broadband and phone line package (so no TV included).

Registering and Activating

The over-the-phone registering process was quick and simple.  I was told that I’d receive my package within 3-5 days and that my connection wouldn’t start until the said date, also I’d receive a text/email when the line was activated.  True to their words I received the router and waited patiently for the activation date.  I’d received a text and email earlier than expected so I set everything up and checked to see if the phone line worked, which it did.  Then I checked the internet but my browser was asking me to sign into the gateway so I did but was always met with a incorrect user name/password error.  I can’t exactly remember was the reason was but I thought it was fair considering it was a couple of days earlier than the intended activation date.

At the activate date I tested the internet but was still “needing” (in quotes because I later realised this was an indicatioin that there was an error with the connection) to sign into the gateway.  Called up customer service who advised me to wait until midnight, however there was no change.  The next day a message about the DNS popped up but I couldn’t figure out the problem because I set everything up correctly and even referred to the set-up manual to double check.  Then I called up customer service and a very helpful guy told me that it was the BT  master socket interrupting the connection.  With no tool I had to use a manicure set (XD) to unscrew the BT master socket cover and plug the filter into the master socket.  That did the trick.

The Connection

I realise I waffled a bit there so here is the actual review.  Apart from the early hiccups Tesco broadband has been great.  I’ve had no problems so far.  Although I do lose internet connection now and again but it only lasts a couple of minute before it’s back up and running1.  My connection is also much faster than any other provider I’ve been with before.  Though, I should add, I am in a different area of England so that might be a reason for the quicker speed.

  1. Unlike some other provider I was with… []