Hello December!

As usual I had a few posts in the draft but didn’t finish writing them.  With this post I am going to share a little of what I have been up to and what’s to come in the following weeks for me:

  1. Exploring London.  Yes, I was born in England but I haven’t really been to, nor explored London.  The only other time I visited London was when I came on a trip for Chinese School (long, long time ago) and for some herbal medicine (again, long, long time ago…).  Funnily, I’ve been lost many times but have yet to come across any of the parks…well, apart form Hyde Park.
  2. Winter Wonderland.  On the subject of Hyde Park I went to Winter Wonderland.  Wow, the place was busy…not surprising considering I went on the Sunday after it officially opened.  The last time I went to something like this was in my home town and that was way back when.  I’m too much of a wuss to go on any of the rides and too cheap to play them games but I did try buffalo burger.  Yummy.  My sister bought me a ring by Riccardo Gallinaro, which actually fits my scrawny little fingers perfectly.  The great thing about this ring is that it is designed in such a way that the wearer can adjust to their ring size.  I would show you this beautiful ring but I’ve been banned until Christmas from wearing it.  I loved it so much that I bought one for my friend. :)
  3. Tropics Skincare.  Over a month ago I tried out British skincare brand Tropic Skincare.  I’ve got sensitive skin (yawn, I know I’ve mentioned this many times) so trying new products can be costly.  I’ve been using it for over a month.  Although I don’t notice a huge different my skin does feel fresher and doesn’t dry out.  I love the easiness of the routine as well: exfoliate, wipe, spritz, wipe and moisturise.  For anyone wondering I bought this Tropic Skincare Bundle: Smoothing Cleanser, Bamboo cloth, Vitamin Toner Refreshing Spritz, Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream and a free Eye Refresh Herbal Roll On.  I will link the short review here when I’m done with it.
  4. Meeting new people.  I’m a little introverted and shy (understatement of the year) so it’s quite a big thing for me when I can involve myself in a conversation with people I’ve only met.  I think I’m getting better and coming out of my shell more, which is a great thing.
  5. Drawing.  I can never draw enough.  Whilst my technical drawing isn’t too bad the more realistic drawing of things, e.g. portraits, could be better.  Practise makes perfect so I’m working on it.  I can finally draw a side profile of a face – in proportion!  Hurray to me.
  6. Reading.  I have a list of things I have bought to read but tend to find myself doing other things…so what takes someone two days to read a standard book takes me a week.  I really need to finish reading the ‘Last Dance with Valentino’ and re-read ‘Dear John’ though.
  7. Clothes Show.  I am looking forward to this little outing because I get to see my friend again, and see a show which I haven’t been too since Year 10 or 11.  Not to mention bargain hunt and see what’s happening in the fashion world.  I might even get some Christmas shopping done if I’m lucky.  I’ll be interested to see what jewellery there is as well. :)
  8. Food and drink.  I want to experiment food more so there’s more variety for dinner.  I’m intrigued by this spaghetti squash that I’ve been hearing about recently. Recently I had a meet up with a friend at Costa.  Coincidentally that day they were handing out free white hot chocolate, with a splash of raspberry sauce.  Tasty to way too sweet…coming from someone who ordered a Begian Chocolate Ice Cooler…