New Year Resolutions and Things I Liked in 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2014 brings prosperity, good health and happiness.

The fireworks display this year was one of the best.  Usually on TV all you see is smoke but this year the fireworks were so much clearer and kind of went with the rhythm of the music.  I’ll be looking online to see how Hong Kong did theirs.  So, onto my 5 resolutions:

  • Read more.  I bought enough books least year so there will be no excuses (any good excuses, that is) to not fulfil this one.  I don’t read an awful lot of books so I’m taking baby steps and say 1 book a month.  That’s doable right?1
  • More spontaneous.  This one has nothing to do with life but games.  I know it sounds strange but it’s a habit I keep getting into: start game, get to the highest rating/level, stay on that rating and don’t leave the game incomplete!  That in turns makes the game and, to an extent my life, regimental and takes all the fun out of the playing it.  The games I’m talking about are Bakery Story, Fashion Story, Restaurant Story2  and Jelly Splash.  In short: have fun with the game and don’t make it a chore!
  • Go on Facebook more.  This is going to be a strange one for almost everyone else but I have friends and family dotted around the world, and to be honest I’m not great at staying in contact with them – my way of this has to definitely change.  However, there’s something about Facebook, which puts me off.  This is why I only go on every now and again.
  • Make use of home-made solutions.  Oddly enough there’s something very rewarding about having a clean house.  Unfortunately, sometimes that means you have to clean other people’s mess just to keep it in tip top condition.  Last year I searched online for ways to clean the kettle and some rust on left on the laminate flooring by the previous tenants3.  Both home-made solutions worked a treat – not to mention saved me money! :)
  • Be more experimental with food.  I mostly cook the same dishes and most of the time the food looks rustic.  Not a bad thing but I feel a little experimenting will make the food more exciting.  That, and hopefully broaden my palette and vary the food I will eat.
  • Er…I’m including a cheeky 6th because it’s apt.  Finish writing posts in the draft.

Now onto the things in 2013 which I liked:

  • Seeing family who I haven’t seen in a long time and very rarely see.
  • My first wedding commission.  It is one of the my proudest moments seeing people wear and love the pieces I made specially for them.
  • City Hunter (the Korean drama).  Didn’t think I would like it because it seemed to deviate from the anime, the satirical  and story-line aspect, but it is one of the more captivating Korean dramas I have seen.
  • Seeing more of London.  The last few times I went was for herbal medicine and a Chinese New Year celebration with my Chinese School (yes, long time ago).
  • Winter Wonderland.  I mainly walked around, had a buffalo burger and was bought a ring as a Christmas present but I loved it.  Here is the ring: Riccardo Gallinaro Ring.  It is adjustable so perfect for my scrawny fingers.
  • Tropic Skin Care.  I will link a more in depth review of the products when I get around to finishing the post. Here it is!
  • The Clothes Show.  It was great fun seeing my university friend and walking around the NEC.  The Show was amazing!  I didn’t get to see the catwalk last time I went but dancing was so good.  Here’s my recording of the catwalk.  Please excuse the missing final minutes, my camera died:

  • The Phantom of the Opera.  I really enjoyed the book, then saw the film, which I thought was okay but then I bought the DVD of the musical and much prefer the musical to the film.
  • My laptop table.  A Christmas present that is very useful for people who don’t have a desk in their room so work on the bed.  The height it perfect for me, it was inexpensive and is sturdy.  Now I don’t have to worry about my beast of a laptop overheating.
  • Sims 3.  I haven’t played this game is years and know that I’m three/four years late with this but I forgot how addictive it was the first time around.  My three game starter pack came at a good price so I thought “why not?”.  The creating sim part is a more long-winded process than I remember but that’s probably because of all the improvements that have been made to the game since I last played the original.  It’s quite fun, albeit a tad narcissistic, creating a sim version of yourself…under bite and all…
  1. … []
  2. Warning to potential TeamLava (makers of the former three games) gamers, the games can get serious.  People take the games all too serious.  Fortunately, all my neighbours are easy-going. []
  3. I will write a short post on what I used. []