New Style

It is strange how you can work on something for a long time (days/weeks/months) and scrap it due to its monstrosity, but then use something which took less than half a day to  put together.  Nonetheless, here is my new layout for Quaint.  I’m pretty happy with this on because I think I have the balance right as it’s simple without being plain.

I’ve just noticed that the WordPress theme thumbnail has been enlarged, which is annoying because now my screenshots look low quality.  I would adjust the size accordingly but my coding back in the day was so bad (that, along with the use of font-related plugins which I no longer use) most my themes don’t render well.  Oh well, I’ll eventually sort that out.

One thing that definitely needs to be done is my sidebar for my ‘Ask’ page.  Since I have a dynamic sidebar I don’t know how to assign the sidebar to that particular page1, without the sidebar links duplicating for other pages.  I’m sure with a little more delving into the codex I’ll eventually figure it out.

On a final note, I created my own social network icons (see left sidebar).  They’re a little on the “inconspicuous” side so I’ll have to adjust them.

Oh, before I forget to mention this layout has only been tested on new versions of browsers. I forgot will get round to fixing any bugs for older browser version.

  1. Templates can’t be used, therefore there is no page id for it. []