Tablet Not Connecting Network When Not Broadcast [SOLVED]

One night I switched on my tablet1 – as I have a bakery, boutique and restaurant to take care of! – but it decided to not connect with my home network.  This had never happened before and it’s sudden downtime was confusing considering it wasn’t an ISP issue.  Strange thing was it connected fine when my network name was broadcast.

I tried the following by assumption and through suggestions on Bing:

  • Switched off router for ten minutes before turning back on
  • ‘Forget’ network then ‘Add’ it again
  • “Cold boot” my tablet
  • Checked to see my MAC address wasn’t blocked

Nothing.  I knew my internet was fine because my laptop and mobile were connecting just fine.  Then I thought maybe my tablet was getting old (it’s been playing up for a while but a little over 2 years isn’t that old.  Even in technology age.  Touch wood my transformer still has many years left.).  Turns out the resolution was simple but odd!

Solution: change keyboard*.

*For a keyboard I use Chinese Pinyin input and my network SSID has an apostrophe…so I’m guessing there was a glyph issue…

  1. Asus Tranformer TF101, Android, Ice Cream []