A New Lease of Life for My Asus TF101

[Edit 20.05.14] Updated post on my experience thus far with KatKiss.


For months I had been thinking about rooting my Asus Transformer but kept backing out of the decision because I was scared that I’d brick my tablet.

Since the months passed my tablet has been playing up: shutting itself off, freezing when trying to sort out my bakery et al and lagging.  However, those problems were due to certain apps and having been dropped on hard flooring a couple of times but I eventually resolved the issues.

I bit the bullet today because my tablet was once again freezing and seemed to be on its last leg so I thought I might as well try out a custom ROM.  After much lurking around on the XDA-Developers’ forum I started the process of going from the original ICS OS to the custom KitKat ROM (KatKissby Timduru).  Just a little under half-an-hour later, and little scare that I’d done something massively wrong, it was done!

Off the bat the home screen is different.  This is the home screen before the installing the custom ROM (taken from Bing images because I deleted all the accidental  screenshots I took of the homepage but it’s the same, except for the background):


After upgrading to 4.4.2 (KitKat):


My main point of upgrading was to improve the performance of my table and, so far, I have noticed a faster response, no lag and the usual culprit of games haven’t frozen, yet!  Though it’s worth noting that I haven’t installed all my apps back yet – I may just leave them as well.  It’s also a nice added touch that I’m able to multi-task more than with ICS and split my screen.  The interface will take a bit of getting used to but all-in-all things are looking good so far.  I’ll probably comment more when I’ve played around with it and when I’ve really put the new ROM to use.

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