WordPress: Can’t Log Into Admin Panel (Incorrect URL Input) [SOLVED]


Hi, I’m Annie and I’m an idiot.

This evening, not long before the time stamp of this post, I finally went to switch from one WordPress blog URL to another.  Usually I proof read things a few times but for some unknown reason I didn’t this time.  Then again, I’ve typed this address many times without error so it’s all okay.  Wrong!  I missed out a full stop of all things.  I saw it just in time before the page reloaded and corrected my error but I was still to late.  Lo and behold a “Server not found” page loads before me.  Gasp, panic and all the other emotions.  I’ve officially broken my site… My website was naked; no beautiful CSS aesthetics and I couldn’t log into the admin page.  Oh dear.

Onto Bing to help solve my problem and voilà,  I had the solution (one of many) to my problem.  I’ll link the page rather than regurgitate the whole article and cause more confusion! ;)


There are various solutions on WordPress Codex: Changing the Site URL but more specifically for my error I applied the Edit functions.php.