Asus TF101 Custom ROM Update/Mini Review

Just under a month ago I wrote a post on how I plucked up the courage to installed a custom ROM onto my ancient tablet.  Since then – last night, actually – I have upgraded from KatKiss 4.4.2_23 to 4.4.2_24.  I haven’t used my tablet much since last night so I will just make one obvious implementation (apart from my background change and widget changes, that is) I noticed from the previous install:


After KatKiss upgrade:


The new KatKiss upgrade allows for the opening of more than two windows so you can multi-task to a certain degree.  There is an ability to float windows or split the screen into multiple sections.  There is more info on what KatKiss offers on the XDA-Developers forums.

Now, onto the pros and cons of KatKiss:


  • Very little to no lag
  • Tablet performs just as well after being left on standby mode.  My tablet with ICS use to struggle to do basic tasks when it was left on standby so I have to switch it on and off quite a lot.
  • Games don’t freeze, even after reinstalling a majority of my apps and adding new ones.  My simulation games used to freeze or force shut down.
  • Better Wi-Fi connection/reception.
  • [Edit 05.04] The responsiveness compared with ICS is devastatingly huge.  It only occurred to me just how slow my tablet was when I had to temporary revert back to ICS after I made an error.


  • Doesn’t always switch off properly so I sometimes have to cold boot the tablet.
  • The volume is much lower than it was with the original OS
  • I noticed that the volume isn’t “balanced” (for lack of a better word), thus one of my ears feels left out when listening to audio.  This issue has possibly been fixed with the most recent update…?
  • Screen flickers but I’m not sure whether that’s a bug with the ROM or an app I installed.

Disregarding the even number of bullet points this custom ROM’s main purposes are efficiency, speed and responsiveness.  KatKiss accomplishes all three.

In short: I’m glad I installed KatKiss.

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