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Whoops, I thought I had published this post!  Please excuse the delay and bear in mind that since this post the packaging has changed.  Anyway, onto the original post…

Here is a little background behind Tropic Skin Care: The founder of the this skin care range is Susan Ma. Who is, as stated on her Twitter “Animal lover. Environmentalist. Skin fanatic.”  This is reflected in their philosophy and the ingredients used in each product (all natural ingredients and British-made).


I ordered the Tropic Skin Care Set, which includes (pictured above):

  1. Smoothing Cleanser
  2. Vitamin Toner Refreshing Spritz
  3. Skin Revive Firming Nourishing cream
  4. 100% Organic Bamboo Cloth
  5. FREE Eye Refresh Herbal Roll On

Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and I love that once you open the boxes you are greeted with a “Hey gorgeous […]” on the flaps of the box.  Nice touch.


The thing I was told about these products is that none contain parabens (effective preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals), this enforces the fact that the products are 100% natural.  The price of each is mid-range.

With sensitive skin I have to be weary of what products I buy, hence sticking with Simple, and don’t know what ingredient is making my skin react.  I had never tried Tropic before but I wasn’t worried because if they didn’t work for me I could pass it on to my sister, who is the opposite skin type to me. ;)

Pure. Honest. Effective. – Tropic

After over a month of using Tropics (excluding the eye roll-on) and practically using up the products I can say that my skin is happy (no burning sensation – hurray), I feel fresher in the morning, and after the shower and my complexion has improved – it’s a little more clearer than before.  Also my skin doesn’t dry out as easily throughout the day.  Visibly there’s not a huge difference but I’m going to be a bit big-headed in saying my skin isn’t bad to start with.

What I like about the routine is the simplicity of it: exfoliate, wipe, spritz, wipe and moisturise.  It’s quick and simple.  Not to mention the scent is divine.  I also like the creamy consistency of the cleanser and cream; it’s not too thick!

It’s also worth noting that the products can be used to remove make-up.  I tested this out just to see how good it cleans a masked face.  After badly applying makeup I carried out the same routine, with the addition of exfoliating a second time, and it did clear my face…sure I still had those bits of lash glue but that doesn’t count!

Vegan. Natural. Cruelty Free. – Tropic

All in all I love the honesty of the product and it’s worked well for me.  I know I did mention that there wasn’t a huge different in my skin but, as mentioned before, I’m putting that down to my pretty good lifestyle.  I have heard it works wonders for people who are prone to acne and/or suffer from eczema but I’m sure if you asked a fellow Tropic user they’ll tell you.  Tropic is a quality product, with natural ingredients and with the people behind it always looking to improve on the skin care range.

You can find out more information on Tropic Skin Care through their website, where they have also released their very own make-up range.

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