Asus Transformer TF101 with Android Ver. 4.4.3


Yep, my age-old Transformer has the new Android version, 4.4.3.  The only problems I came across was not being able to connect to the Play Store, the Play Store images resembling the buffering stages of a video (can’t think of an simpler word to describe it), Wi-Fi icon showing disconnection despite still being able to browse the web and play server-based games and my game notifications not showing up.

The Play Store ‘No connection’ was a major error, a fault of my own doing.  Typically, there was a simple solution but I went the roundabout way1.  My roundabout solution:

  • Delete Google account from tablet (first mistake)
  • After not being able to re-add my account (the sign-in window didn’t appear and Play Store was now shutting down immediately)
  • Revert back to ICS from Recovery mode (thankfully I made a backup)
  • Use the 1-Click Root Tool
  • This also installed CMW/Rogue XM Recovery (I was previously using TWRP)
  • Flashed and
  • Deleted cache and dalvik cache
  • No luck so I flashed the ‘NonLinaro’ verision, along with gapps

Issues fixed (except game notifications).  However, I realised a simpler solution would have been to re-flash the ROM and/or gapps. ==  Why do I do this to myself?

All that aside, the updated ROM is noticeably faster than before, particularly when browsing with the default browser.  Also, I didn’t mention this in my previous update but since installing the custom ROM is haven’t had the issue with YouTube videos constantly giving me the ‘server error’ or whatever it was.

Since this draft I have updated to KatKiss-4.4.3_08 and gaps-KatKiss-4.4.3_20140605 – no problems at all.  It’s fixed a lot of the issues people were having.

Long live the TF101. :)

  1. Bear in mind I did make things a lot worse before fixing them.  I just haven’t mentioned all my erroneous ways of fixing it because it’s quite embarrassing and I felt silly then so…no need to rub salt in the wounds. []