Kyoto Garden

No, sadly did not go to Japan (have never been but really want to visit).  However, I did go to Holland Park where there is a Kyoto Garden.  I like going on promenades and with some free time I thought it would make for some good exercise (too lazy for the gym or anything requiring a lot of physical workout…) and some fresh air.



Then I came across this human-size (if you’re my height) chess board:


Like me, there were peacocks casually strolling around the park.  One was even precariously walking along the edge of the youth hostel :

Welcome to the Kyoto Garden:

A place of tranquillity and beauty – when you ignore the squirrels and pigeons fighting out bread…even though there are many signs dotted around insisting people do not feed the wildlife:

Before heading out of the park, and back home, a friend coincidentally called to meet up for ‘yum cha’.  I also took a photo of the sun dial with turtles after the short walk:


It was situated in the D Garden of Holland Park and is an area meant for children and is technically a children’s only play area…because there was a conspicuous sign saying: “No adults without children are permitted in the D Garden.” I’m paraphrasing but I really wasn’t suppose to be there…ahem.  One of the perks of being a child-sized adult, I suppose.