Review: Tesco Broadband

My personal experience with Tesco broadband, for the year I was with them.  Warning: some babbling.

Firstly, when I was searching for a provider there was only two things I wanted: internet broadband (no TV) and at an affordable price (it’s always worth calling any company to see if you can nab yourself a better deal.)  This led me to choosing Tesco.

Signing Up

As with any other internet provider signing up was not a problem.  I can’t exactly remember but I think I received the router package within the week.

Set Up & Ready to Surf

Plug modem to phone line, then connect the router and phone into the modem – done!  It’s easy enough to set up without the instructions, which comes with the package.  However, despite the easiness of the setup I could not connect to the internet.  Every time I tried I was met with the router administrator log-in screen.  More on this later.


I very rarely experienced any downtime and when I did it would only last about 30 seconds – not bad at all!  The only major downtime I had was on a Saturday (17th) where the broadband light on my router was not indicating any colour.  More on this later as well.

It is worth noting that Tesco do regular firmware updates very late at night, which means downtime.  However, I’m not a night owl so I was largely unaffected.

Customer Service

In all honestly Tesco’s broadband customer service is good but you have to speak to the right person, as the following will demonstrate.

The first time I had to call customer service was because I couldn’t get the internet up and running, despite checking countless times that I had set up everything correctly.  The first couple of personnel I spoke to told me to wait so-and-so hours for the activation to be acknowledged.  That solution did nothing so I called again a couple of days later and spoke to a guy who asked me a few questions and knew the problem.  It was the BT Openreach socket.  I took the “faceplate” off with a cheap manicure set (I did not have my tools with me then) and voila, the internet was up and running.  Not long after the same customer service guy called to check that the internet was working.  One thumb up.

My second call to Tesco was about the single major downtime I had.  My call was met with a greeting along the lines of ‘Hi, this is Matt, if you have any problems in the future just give me a holler.’  I don’t know why I found it funny but I had to hold my chuckle.  Anyway, I told him that my broadband light wasn’t showing any colour whatsoever.  He tried to solve the problem from his end but I couldn’t even connect via ethernet cable so there was nothing he could do.  He decided to send a new router my way.  However, considering it was a bank holiday weekend I would have to wait a little longer – no problem, I can wait, surely?  Two thumbs up.

I wasn’t content with waiting though.  I thought I could wait but I couldn’t so I started looking in the admin panel to see if there was something I was missing.  I also called my brother as he may have come across this problem at work.  We played around with the PPPoE setting but nothing worked so I called it a day and made myself dinner.  Lo and behold, when I come back the router was flashing green lights and I found myself being able to surf the internet again.

Although the problem solved itself, or I unknowingly fixed the issue, I didn’t receive the new router.  One thumb back down…harsh?


My experience with Tesco was positive and if my living circumstances hadn’t changed I would still be with them.