Life Hacks for Jewellers #1: Correction Fluid, Nail Polish Remover & Araldite

Tips and tricks for jewellers.  Most of which require the use of household products only.  This will be the first of however-many posts to make it easier to digest.  Do note that some of these can be used domestically as well.

Correction fluid

Correction fluid will help protect solder seams flowing, from the heat, so if you have many soldering stages for a piece or parts to repair then this little tip will help make sure that your creation stays in one piece while you happily solder away.

All you need to do it apply, preferably with a brush/sponge tip applicator, fluid on the solder seams you want to protect,  let it dry and then work on soldering together the other parts.  Once done just leave your piece immersed in the pickle and the correction fluid should come clean off.

Nail varnish remover

Sometimes superglue can get messy but a little bit of acetone will help remove it.  I’ve tested this on metal and glass.



A 2-part epoxy for gluing stones and other materials.  My tutor told me to buy this product but the tool shop guys insisted it was too strong for setting my pearls and Swarovski stones, so I settled for the Jewellers Cement that was recommended to me.  Needless to say I should have listened to my tutor in the first place!

Like superglue but with a longer working time.  For a strong bond it will need at least 14 hours to dry so not ideal for a quick fix job.