Life Hacks for Jewellers #2: Masking Tape, Polishing String & Pearl Setting

Masking tape

Masking tape is useful for a lot of things but I like to use to prevent my pliers for marking my pieces.  For example, I’d wrap the nose of my pliers with several layers of masking tape.  That will then allow me to hold me pieces, for drilling or whatnot, without leaving any marks.

Polishing string

Image (c) Otto Frei
Image (c) Otto Frei

Take a few strands of the polishing string, apply rouge and polish the little nooks and crannies – a little bit like playing the violin but with bad technique.

Pearl setting wire


You can twist square wire using a vice, flat/parallel pliers and or pin vice.  Use what you have available.  Start twisting  a long piece of square wire so you’re essentially creating the thread of a screw and voila you have wire to set pearls on – cut to the size you need.  This means you can probably leave out the gluing stage – but of course feel free to apply a bit of glue for extra security – and screw you’re pearl onto the wire setting.