Asian Wedding Show 2014 + Mini Reviews

Travel, Ikea, Premier Inn & Bombay Bites

On Friday I set off from the train station to Birmingham.  I thought I’d walk around for a while, whilst waiting for my friend but I couldn’t because the Bullring was jam-packed with Black Friday shoppers.  There was no space to walk and people were standing in the middle of aisles exchanging chinwag!

My friend arrived in her lent car and popped over the Ikea for a some bits-and-bobs before we set off for our hour-long journey to Leicester, whilst she drove I was acting as navigator – there’s only one way this journey’s going and that’s…littered with detours.  Surprisingly I wasn’t the problem.  We were using Maps on Android and it kept taking us towards the toll roads, despite us trying to divert away from it.  I did felt bad because my friend was practically chauffeuring me about so she must have been feeling lethargic.

Eventually we arrived at the Premier Inn, Leicester Central (A50) – yes, via toll road…daylight robbery.  The hotel was nice and the man on the counter was polite and made small chat with us, whilst we wait to get our room key.  The room was very clean and the stay was nice.  I can’t really add much else because we didn’t stay in the hotel long.  That Friday evening we were setting up the stall:


Since we arrived later than we originally scheduled we couldn’t finish setting everything up so we headed to about 2 miles away to Evington Road for a bite to eat at Bombay Bites.  Friendly people with nice food.  Me friend and I were given a little taster of what they served because neither of us were sure which dish options to order.  Since I’m not a huge fan of spicey food I opted for the sweet-flavoured chicken, with rice and nan.  Along with the bottle of water and can of Pepsi I ordered it came up to a very affordable £6.

Exhibition Day 1: Ramgarhia Hall & Chilli Flames

On Saturday, the first day of the show, decided to have an early start, starting with a 5am wake up call.

It turns out we arrived too early because the exhibition wasn’t starting until two hours after the time we thought the show was suppose to start.  Whilst we were sat and ready to go other stalls were empty!  Didn’t seem like any knew when the show was actually starting until a guy called out, “35 minutes!  35 minutes!”

DSC02227wSo proud of my friend for her first exhibition!  She worked really hard and handmade everything!  You can see her pieces on her very own website, Nadia Younis Bespoke Jewellery.

The first day of the show seems quite slow but the people around the stalls were really friendly and gave us a bit of insight into exhibiting, as well, as a few tips.  Being our first show we weren’t sure what to expect but my friend received many compliments on her jewellery with words, such as “beautiful”, “stunning” and “different”, leaving people’s mouths.

I walked around for a bit but with people staring at my as I walked strolled through the exhibition I decided to head back to the stall…I felt a bit like a mongoose.  Nevertheless, I still had Sunday to peruse.  I did have lunch from the show and my mouth was burning!  Samosas and Chutney, with rice.  Nice but I’m definitely not a spicy food person.

After essentially a 12 hour work day we packed away the jewellery and looked for a different place to eat and stopped by Chilli Flames.  A fast food restaurant situated on Evington Road.  Good price for probably the best burger I’ve had.  Ever.  The chips were tasty as well!

Day 2: Show & Home

We didn’t need to leave so early this time.  There were a lot more visitors on Sunday and the mood seemed very different, in a good way, compared to Saturday.  For my break I perused around the show, ate, and watched the catwalk.  I left the catwalk a little early because of something I’d rather not explain…but there were some really beautiful pieces on the show:

Lots of Justice League formation going on in the catwalk.  The above gallery are some pieces from Ladlee and *insert name* (sorry, my photo taking skills weren’t on points so I’ll add the name of the other brand when I remember the name.)

Sunday was a lot more eventful and bespoke orders were taken.  Everything was so intricate, vibrant and eye-catching.  The gallery above is of various products from stalls around the exhibition and one of the big screens.

The show ended on a high note and I’m really happy for my friend who will be busy these coming weeks in the studio!  Here are some photos I took of her pieces, you can see better images on her website, Nadia Younis Bespoke Jewellery, along with the plethora of pieces she has custom made already.