Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015

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I have a set of life goals but I haven’t achieved the main one yet. However, in 2014 I did have some great experiences:

  • I stayed in London with a family-friend.  Much to my surprise I really liked living in London ((The only other times I had been to London was for Chinese New Year and for herbal medicine (I really didn’t need medicine but, you know, parents…!), and that was around secondary school.) because there were lots of places to visit and go to, not to mention Central has all the shops you could need.
  • During my stay in London I met a lot of nice people.
  • As a person I have grown (not to be taken literally)…apparently London has made me more confident, which is great for a shy person like me.
  • Being in my twenties I found it quite shameful that I hadn’t been to London and explored the city.  That, I have now done and would definitely go back to see other things.  Time permitting.
  • While in London it brought back some memories of Hong Kong, with the Oyster Card, which I still sometimes accidentally refer to as the Octopus Card.
  • Now I’m back in Shropshire, which was described to me as “the green place with two bushes” by a fellow exhibitor.
  • I helped my friend, who exhibited her beautiful fine jewellery at Leicester.  That was a great experience for us.
  • Since coming back to my hometown I’ve visited my old workplace.  It’s always good to see familiar faces.
  • I bumped into people I went to school with and hadn’t seen…well…since school.
  • More recently I went back to London for the fireworks display with some friends and family members.  Waiting out in the cold for four hours is not ideal but seeing the fireworks in person was nice. I would say amazing but I’m not an overly excitable person so it felt was a little anti-climatic.
  • I got to sleep in a sleeping bag for the first time.  I slept well.