First World Problems

My phone is acting up.  The craziness started when I put in that China SIM card, during my short trip to Shenzhen.


  • Opening apps randomly
  • Switching itself off
  • Freezing
  • A random .apk was downloaded onto my phone (I deleted it soon after the discovery)
  • Unbearable lag
  • Taking screenshots when I try to turn my phone off
  • Empty window (only showing background)
  • Black screen
  • Green pixels, followed by black screen

I had been “soft resetting” my phone but that was only a temporary fix.

Now I’m home I’ve been feverishly backing up all my photos and updating contacts, which took two hours…!  My phone has trouble communicating with my laptop still but at least all my important things have been backed up.  A factory reset seems to have calmed things down but I still have to soft reset regularly because the screen keeps freezing.

Ironically, at the start of my holiday I had been contemplating on whether I should invest in a new phone but decided against it.  Even though my phone is about three years old it was still functioning wonderfully.  Hindsight it such a wonderful thing.

Hang in there, Xperia.