Exciting Day and Times Ahead

I’m out and about more frequently nowadays.  Seems strange having a social life, being that I’ve spent most of my life being an introvert…still am but I do go out a little more.  I’m not partying it up but I’m seeing and speaking to new and familiar faces.

My internship is going well, I think, and I’m enjoying my time at the company a lot!  The job is all go, go, go but I love it, and get to look at beautiful jewellery on a daily basis and work within in great team.

The Friday before last I was told that I reached the finals of Zealous X – Design.  Excited and over the moon with the news.  I originally submitted two photos of pieces and a physical pieces but I’m going to see if I can one of the images turned into a physical piece of jewellery.  I’m also trying to get another pendant, which I was honoured with a Highly Commended, made but this one is a little more complex than I first anticipated.  However, this morning I think I’ve adjusted the piece in CAD to make it structurally sound.