Mini Life Update

be_happy_by_puicolorat V2

New Job

I started a new job, which I love and enjoy. It’s in the field I’m very familiar with but the position is one that I am not an expertise in. However, I’m bettering my knowledge, adapting, and it’s exciting being part of a team to help something grow even bigger and better. The image above is very apt because I feel like I’ve found myself and am more than content with life.

Out with the Old in with the New

This year, has been particularly expensive one for me as all my devices decided to simultaneously give up on life. Not ideal but I’m not complaining because I do love investing in new technology so I was kind of like a kid in a sweet shop…though that wasn’t necessarily the case when shopping around for a new laptop.

New Place

Haven’t quite got the interdependency thing going yet, but that’s something I’m working towards this year. Not sure if I should rent or invest in a property but I will decide that after my holiday. I’ve had a look around and a lot of the places in the city are already under offer. The places to rent are a lot higher than I anticipated and I don’t want to rent a place when I’m going away for almost two weeks anyway.


I’m back in Hong Kong in a week, which I’m extremely excited about because I’ll be visiting with my siblings. Still figuring out whether we want to tour elsewhere in Asia but I’m guessing that’s going to be a spontaneous decision.