The one thing I have been doing more of the past year or so:

  • Reading. Since I have an hour(ish)-long commute to work I mostly make use of that time to read. Having built up quite a list of books to read, I can happily say that I’ve almost completed the list and have bought new e-books so I don’t run out of reading material.

In no particular order, the things I want to do:

  • One thing I’m looking to do is step into the property market. It’s a lot to take in and I have to ensure I have all the money side of things prioritised but it’s exciting to think I will be able to own a place, which I can call my own.
  • Travel to other countries, which I haven’t been to yet – preferably a country which resembles an idyllic paradise.
  • This year is all about rebranding and helping a brand grow. When I start my job in 2016 I doubted and put unnecessary stress on myself. However, I have everything under control and have a rough six month planned out. With my current position at work I am able to be creative with art and with words. I love writing and being artistic so my job is a pretty perfect fit.
  • Do more yoga. I have been slacking in the last months of 2016 but this year I want to build on my flexibility and consistently set time aside for yoga. With the workouts I am also aiming to gain more strength.
  • More benchwork. The one thing I do not want to lose is my ability to make jewellery. Having spent a number of years at the School of Jewellery, I really don’t want to lose the knowledge and skills that I was taught, by some amazing tutors.
  • More piano practice so I am able to play more complex pieces.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve this year.