Gosh, I’ve neglected this page.  I was 22 years of age when I last updated this page.  Needless to say I am not 22 anymore but will give this page the TLC it requires.  Right, let’s begin.


Hello!  My names is Annie and I am a BBC “British Born Chinese”; born in England and into Hakka family.

I am a jeweller so here are some cheeky plugs for my jewellery websites:

As well as designing and making jewellery I also like to bake, cook and play the piano (albeit badly – my late piano teacher would be weeping if he heard me play recently).  I have a little bit of a geeky side, which I feed by dabbling in code to upkeep my various websites.  By modern standards I might also be described as a social media junkie.  Yes, I have one too many social accounts (see above for social tab bar), all of which use one of the following avatars:



Another random fact: I do like football – and no, not for the footballers. ==;

Don’t really know what else to say so to know more you can either:


Quaint is the name of my blog.  I first owned my little space in web in 2008.  Prior to 2008 I had a WordPress.com blog, then was hosted by Rachael.  Actually, no, that’s a lie.  I first owned an interactive fanfiction1 website (which I’m glad has fallen off the face of the WWW), which was started 16th March, 2006 – I was so proud that I made a note to remember the date – it closed sometime in August, 2009.  The fanfiction website was hosted by Freewebs, now known as Webs.  In 2007 I decided to create a blog through WordPress. Then Rachael kindly hosted my first WordPress.org blog.  Then in 2008 I officially owned my little web sanctuary thanks to my hostess, Carly.  In 2011 I flew the nest and bought my very own hosting package, which is provided by Silverark – highly recommend them.

Okay, I have slightly deviated to my web history so I will get back on subject.  Quaint is my blog where I continue to impart my mundane thoughts and share malarkey.  It is also where I share some technology-related troubleshooting tips.

Welcome and enjoy.

  1. Reader’s answer a series of questions before reading the fanfiction so they have the power to become the protagonist and choose their Romeo. []