100 Things To Do Before I Pop My Cogs

Sorry I couldn’t title this in a more eloquent way.  :P  This is just for fun and to add content1. This list is not in order of priority.

  1. Compose my own piece of music.
  2. Earns millions of pounds…only to squander the money on material things. :P
  3. Win a competition for a jewellery piece I made/designed.
  4. Be fluent in one other language, excluding English and Chinese (Cantonese, Hakka).
  5. Go to see a live football match, preferably in England.  Either my home town or Manchester United thanks.  ;)
  6. Go to a gig.
  7. Publish my own book.
  8. Donate a good amount of money to charity or help build a hospital, or something which can be life changing.
  9. Live in a house/flat, either on my own or with my a close friend/family member.
  10. Exceed everyone’s expectations and succeed in the jewellery business.
  11. Own or co-own a flat in Hong Kong, preferably in Sha Tin but I’ll take what I can afford, hah.  Not going to happen because HK isn’t as affordable as it used to be.
  12. Have my own workbench or better yet a studio so I can do things at home without having to wait until uni. starts.
  13. Get a degree and pass with a distinction.  Well, almost.
  14. Learn a song on the guitar (note: I don’t not know how to play the guitar). I have only learnt basic songs but it counts. :)
  15. See more of the world (besides Europe and Hong Kong/China).  More specifically South Korea and Japan.
  16. Own my very own piano. ^^
  17. Be able to play a Chopin piece more than adequately.
  18. Have my jewellery site up and running.
  19. Have read2 all the “50 books to read before you die“.
  20. Sold a piece I made and designed.
  21. Open a small shop. AnnieLi.co :)
  22. Relearn the zither and dizi, which I had learnt long ago but they are now a lost art.

It will be a long, long time before I complete this list, or even think of 100 things.

  1. Should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt. []
  2. Or at least attempted before the story bored me. :P []

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