In case you’re bored and are really struggling to find something to do I’ve compiled a list of random facts about myself:

  • Don’t really watch TV unless it is CSI, football, House, Match of the Day, Supernatural or a Gordon Ramsay programme.
  • On MySpace The Script added me as a friend. :D  Yes, I do realise that sounds really fangirly.
  • I like classical music.
  • During my late-teen and young adult life I have only ever worked in three places.  That is excluding the two weeks work experience.
  • Never really knew what I wanted to do in life, until I stumbled upon the uni. course – thanks to my cousin.
  • I am “vertically challenged”.  Oh, political correctness.  I am short at 5 foot…ahem…less, actually.
  • Have a love for chick-lit.  I suppose it’s just a good thing that I’m reading so any book would be good enough for me. :P
  • I am scared of spiders and don’t cope well in elevated places.  You should have seen my in the cable car, death gripping the chairs either side of me. :D
  • Can usually conk out within minutes of laying in bed, well unless there’s a spider then I’ll probably relegate myself to the lounge sofa, hah.
  • Have a tiny issue with things not being aligned, put in the right place or being in mint condition.
  • I am not a fan of Apple products.  Not that I don’t think they’re any good I’m just tired people claiming their products to be *the* best.  Please stop telling me Mac is the best because it works with everything.  Not it doesn’t; it’s not compatible with *everything*.
  • My siblings and I don’t have similar accents.
  • If I’m listening to the radio it’s probably because of the travel or the debate on Radio 2.
  • My favourite comedians are Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr and Jason Manford.
  • I am a geek for stationary.
  • Although I am a Jewellery Designer Maker I cannot draw for fudge.  I am feebly working at it though.   For the mean time I shall stick with computer drawings. :)
  • Live in a county, which even many people in England will not recognise.
  • When speaking Chinese I tend to amalgamate Cantonese and Hakka.  That and I’m pretty sure I have a slight British accent.
  • I’ve graduated two times although could have graduated a third time also.  You might mistakenly think that I have achieved a Phd but I haven’t.
  • Studied 5 years at uni. Not because I went get a Masters or Phd, no.  I took three courses consecutively: ND, HND and BA.

Believe me, this list will grow.  It’s already surpassed the list on 100 things.

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